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$29.99 USD


Matt Skonicki


Approx 5 hours




Substance Painter


Chapter Videos:


1.   Camera Tracking in Nuke

2.   Scene Orientation

3.   Export Into Maya

4.   Orientation Tweaks

5.   Scene Geometry Setup

6.   Matte Shadow Catcher

7.   Domelight Backlight

8.   Redshift Lens Redistort (ST Maps)

9.   Baking Texture ID Maps (In Maya)

10. Export to Substance Painter

11. Layer Setup in Substance Painter

12. Creating ID Mask Folders

13.  Painting in Substance

14.  Exporting Substance Maps

15.  Redshift Materials Setup

16.  Tweaking the Materials

17.  Setting Up Render Globals

18.  Render Layers: Ground Shadows

19.  Render Layers: Full Occlusion

20.  Nuke Comp Introduction

21.  Building CG Beauty Pass

22.  Grading, Relight, and Grain

23.  Ground Shadows and Blurs

24.  Final Touches and Conclusion

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