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Dear Friends,

It pains me to inform you that I've taken down the store.  It's important to note that I was paying close to $1500 a year for just the store alone.  For at least a good year I asked the community to support the website as to simply keep the store open for those less fortunate to still learn from the free training.

Despite a large daily volume of downloads of the free materials, the paid sales items have gone to zero so I've decided to close the store. My hopes are that you can gleam from the training and interviews still on Youtube without the supplementary materials.

For those that supported the site in the past I can only say thank you.

I hope this is a lesson that as a community we need to support each other, as nothing in this world is free. What I've learned is the more you give (willingly and joyfully) you receive. 

If you did enjoy the free training please pay it forward by continuing to financially support VFX education and those that supply free plugins and materials in the future. The websites, materials, and services they provide for you for free are not free themselves.

God Bless,
Matt Skonicki

The store is closed for maintenance

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