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Matt Skonicki

Nuke Compositor

Hello there,

Just wanted to share a bit about myself.  I started in game design as a character technical artist for Warner Brothers/Netherrealm (formerly Midway Games) working on numerous game titles including the Mortal Kombat series.

I soon found a love for teaching and have in the past taught game design and visual effects at Columbia College, Illinois Institute of Art, Flashpoint College, as well as online learning resources like Pluralsight/Digital Tutors, Eat3D, Yiihuu (China), and CgCircuit.  

In the past few years I've been a nuke compositor on commercials as well as television series for Netflix, HBOMax, AppleTV, Peacock, and NBC.

In my spare time I like working on my website (  where I teach many advanced tutorials on Houdini, Nuke, and Substance Painter/Designer.  I also host a popular Youtube series (Ask the VFX Pro's)  where I interview leads at ILM, Double Negative, Weta Digital, and Digital Domain to name a few.  Giving back to the VFX community is my #1 goal as I enjoy teaching just as much as learning from amazing team players from around the world.



Nuke Compositing Reel 2020

Substance Designer Work #1: "Oil Mesa"

Substance Designer Work #2: "Classic Brooklyn Building"

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